Grant Me Hope: Joey


Joey is an athletic and loving 14-year-old who loves to play video games, sports, and do art.

Joey is this week’s Grant Me Hope.

He said, “I love being there for people kind of like a therapist but a younger version. I don’t like seeing people down all the time. I like to make people laugh in the most downing situations. I could make people laugh out of blue.”

He is a big University of Michigan fan and wants to go to school there someday for sports and art.

Joey said, “I love animals. For example I love dogs the most because they are man’s best friend. They are always by your side and they start getting a bond with you and they are like humans but they can’t talk.”

He would be a great addition to any family, but would love a younger family to hang out with more.

Grant Me Hope is a team effort between the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, 9&10 News, and the business community.

To learn about Joey, and many other children around the state who are hoping to be adopted, click here.

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