Flip Tips at MPN Builders: Cabinet Anatomy

Knowing what kind of cabinets are good for your lifestyle and your budget can be a tricky decision.

That’s why we had interior designer Shane Inman of The Inman Company on to show us the anatomy of a cabinet and what is now considered ‘industry standard’.

He and Michelle were at MPN Builders in East Jordan to begin our process of picking out the perfect cabinets.

From slow-closing doors and drawers to framed and frameless cabinet construction, we learned all sorts of new terms and how to pick the right ones for you.

Companies like MPN are beginning to make cabinets more sturdy and allow for a more accessible and effective design. They are creating bottom-mounted glides for drawers so they can be wider, stronger, and deeper.

He walked is through a standard box construction which includes many of the features listed above as contractors and builders are starting to adapt to what people want for their lifestyle needs.

To learn more about cabinet anatomy, watch the video above.

To ask Shane any of your design questions, click here. 

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