SwingShift and the Stars: Spark in the Dark Needs Your Support

This is a big week for Swingshift and the Stars in Traverse City, the nonprofits have been working very hard and now it’s showtime.

Being part of Swingshift and the Stars in Traverse City helps organizations like Spark in the Dark raise funds to support their causes.

Executive Director Abagail Byar says Spark in the Dark is all about people helping people.

It runs entirely online and connects people with needs, like a single mom who needs a bed, directly to people who would like to help.

“We kind of cut out the middle man, if you will,” she says. “It all runs on Facebook right now, we’re raising money through Swingshift to build an app.”

You can donate directly to Spark in the Dark by visiting sparkinthedark.org.

The first dance competition is on Friday, Sept. 20.

Tickets can be found at the Traverse City Opera House and through each individual organization. Or purchase them online at swingshiftandthestars.org.

Watch the videos above and below to learn more about Spark in the Dark’s dance and lip sync teams.