Harvest Days: Fourth Graders Getting a Taste of Michigan’s History

The Northern Michigan Antique Flywheelers Club is hosting their Harvest Days event this week, bringing in 1,259 fourth grade students from across Northern Michigan. Here they are showing kids through demonstrations that life 100+ years ago was pretty different.

Volunteer, Karen Jarema says, “Students don’t realize- they think you get a 2×4 from Home Depot. They’ve never seen it being cut and planed on a saw mill.”

The demonstrations vary from saw mills to home skills and farming. Something many of these students have never seen and can’t experience through a textbook.

Luke, a fourth-grader from Lakeland Elementary says, “If the people that came here didn’t come here then we wouldn’t be here and there would be nobody here.”

The volunteers find gratification in knowing these youngsters are taking it all in and appreciating what came before them. “It’s great to see that the kids are absorbing the information and see techniques that are not used today and where things come from,” says Karen Jarema.

If you are interested in learning more or attending next year, click here for more information.

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