U.A.W. Members Continue Strike Across U.S.

Even with talks going into the late afternoon, there is no solution for General Motors and the United Auto Workers Union so far.

That means the nearly 50,000 workers across the U.S. will continue their strike for now.

It started just after midnight on Monday.

Tens of thousands of unionized GM workers walked off the job and set up picket lines. It shut down 33 manufacturing plants in nine states.

It’s because contract talks between General Motors and United Auto Workers broke down.

UAW says GM has not budged in months of negotiations, while GM says it has made substantial offers, including higher wages and factory investments.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer supported the strikes Monday, delivering doughnuts to workers outside the Lansing Grand River Plant.

Here are the specific things the UAW is looking for in these negotiations: fair wages, affordable health care, job security, and a defined path to permanent seniority for temps.

Also, better profit sharing. GM made more than $8 billion globally last year.

GM wants employees to pay a bigger portion of their health care costs and to increase work force productivity and flexibility in factories

By Monday the UAW said both sides had only agreed on about 2% of the contract language.

GM released a statement Monday, saying in part:

“We presented a strong offer that improves wages, benefits and grows U.S. jobs in substantive ways and it is disappointing that the UAW leadership has chosen to strike at midnight tonight.”

All of this also comes as UAW leadership is federally investigated for misuse of union dues for personal benefit.