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Tech Tuesday: Happy National IT Professionals Day

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It’s National IT Professionals Day!

In this week’s Tech Tuesday we’re celebrating National IT Professionals Day and the unsung heroes of IT.

Celebrated yearly on the third Tuesday in September, National IT Professionals Day honors the men and women we rely on to keep us connected.

IT stands for information technology, and these professionals keep businesses going.

When things are going smoothly, it can be easy to forget about your IT pros. But as soon as the server goes down or the WiFi malfunctions, the IT pros become the most important people in the building.

The national holiday was created in 2015 by staff at a company called SolarWinds after they polled their workforce and found that non-IT staff underappreciated the work the IT staff did.

National IT Professionals Day celebrates all IT pros in all disciplines, such as network engineers, database administrators, system administrators, developers, IT support technicians, and information security professionals.

You can observe National IT Professionals Day by simply saying thank you to the IT superstars working to make your life easier. Another way to celebrate is to share a post on social media using #ITProDay to increase awareness of how important these tech-savvy individuals are.

People are also encouraged to learn more about information technology by taking an online class or reading a book on the subject.

However you decide to celebrate, make sure you reach out to your IT pros to let them know how appreciated they really are.


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