Gov. Whitmer Urges Republicans to Send Her Budget Bills This Week

Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants Republican legislative leaders to send her their budget bills this week.

It comes just two weeks ahead of the budget deadline and days ahead of what she calls the GOP’s “political getaway” to Mackinac Island this weekend.

Governor Whitmer told Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield that they should pass spending measures before the event.

The two sides have already agreed to table talks on a long-term road funding plan for now.

Republicans moved forward with parts of their budget proposal last week without a deal with Whitmer.

If the two sides don’t reach a budget deal by October 1, a number of state services would shut down until a budget agreement is reached.

Here’s a look at who would be affected: road construction would stop, as well as the Michigan Lottery games.

Welcome centers and rest areas would close, as well as state parks, forest campgrounds, state harbors and historical sites.

Secretary of State branch offices would also close, and payments to local school districts would cease.

Revenue sharing with local governments would also be affected.