DNR Responds to Efforts to Repeal Deer Baiting Ban

The DNR responded to the ban baiting reversal bill Tuesday.

They said, “we believe the authority to ban baiting and feeding should remain with the Natural Resources Commission, the body responsible for regulating the method and manner of take of game in Michigan.

“In addition, peer-reviewed research has shown that baiting and feeding that concentrates animals beyond their normal movement patterns increases the likelihood of disease transmission.”

The DNR cited all the peer-reviewed sources when coming up with plans to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease.

The disease was first discovered in Michigan in a free-ranging deer in May 2015.

Since then the DNR has tested more than 60,000 deer for CWD.

About 120 cases have been confirmed in Clinton, Dickinson, Eaton, Gratiot, Ingham, Ionia, Jackson, Kent and Montcalm counties.

For a closer look at these maps and the list of sources, visit the links below.