Midland Man Charged With Accosting an Isabella County Teen

The man police say accosted a 14-year old girl from Shepherd High School Thursday was charged in court Monday afternoon.

Nevaeh Snyder was supposed to have left school with her sister to go to an appointment, instead police say Jeffrey Kaiser picked her up and took her out of the county.

Police tracked the two down Saturday and returned Neveah home and arrested Kaiser.

“You never know who is out there that may be trying to exploit the relationship with your minor children,” says David Barberi, Isabella County prosecutor.

When 14-year old Snyder went missing from Shepherd High School, police didn’t know if she ran away, was picked up by a friend or grabbed by a stranger. After nearly two days, they found her with 21-year old Kaiser in Midland County. The two had been talking back and forth online.

“Every child may or may not make the right choices,” says Traci Goucher, Nevaeh’s grandmother, “But you never want them to be exposed to a situation that may put them in danger.”

Police say Kaiser and the girl met through friends and family.

“He kind of exploited that relationship, in our opinion,” says Barberi, “He tried to swoon her out of school and take her away and to potentially have an intimate relationship with her.“

Right now, Kaiser only faces one charge. But in the arraignment, the prosecutor hinted at more charges coming if they find out more details about what went on in those two days while she was missing

“We are looking to see if there are potentially other criminal acts that may come out of this,” says Barberi, “Either in our jurisdiction or in the neighboring county’s jurisdiction.”

Kaiser is being held on a $100,000 bond and forbidden from contacting Nevaeh.

Meanwhile, she is home safe.

“Keep account of your family, know your children’s online activities because you just never know,” says Goucher.

It’s a learning moment for the teen and her family and a lesson they hope other families take note of.

“You could be a dysfunctional family or you could be a close knit family, it doesn’t matter,” says Goucher, “This whole situation could’ve been catastrophic.”