Benzie County’s Inland Township Holds Public Meeting Over Gravel Pit Concerns

A meeting in Benzie County will likely be a heated public debate over plans for a potential gravel pit.

Someone bought land on Oakley Road and Maple City Highway with the intention of using it for gravel and sand mining.

The property owner wants to use that material for construction.

Neighbors say they are worried about air and surface water contamination, and pollutants getting into the Platte River Watershed.

A former geologist and neighbor of the site says the plans and applications he’s seen so far worry him.

“It’s lacking so much information I worked in the mining industry and I can’t picture what he’s trying to do there or how he’s going to operate. There’s nothing in there that makes me feel comfortable that there aren’t environmental issues that haven’t been addressed,” says retired geologist Mike Wilczwenski.

The Inland Township planning commission is taking public comments right now, and we will have a full report on the gravel mining issue on 9&10 News at 11.