World Famous Nutritionist, Philosopher Speak about using Food as Medicine in Traverse City

The answer to world peace might be on your dinner plate.

A world-renowned philosopher and nutritionist says plant-based living could solve society’s biggest problems.

Doctor Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet”, gave a lecture in Traverse City Sunday.

He offered a two-hour seminar about the health effects of what we’re putting into our bodies.

Dr. Tuttle also touched on how everyone can use food as medicine and a tool for wellness. He spoke at the Cowell Family Cancer Center. He says eating clean, organic food can eradicate toxins and even help aid cancer treatment.

“If you move to a whole foods way of eating, especially if it’s organic, then we radically reduce the amount of toxins coming in and the natural immune system that we have,” said Dr. Tuttle. “The natural power of our immune system can usually, in many cases, reverse the cancer.”