Sault Ste. Marie Natural Science Park Welcomes Students and Public


“It’s a hands-on experience for the students to get out of the classroom.”

A natural science park in Sault Ste. Marie held a walk-through Sunday for students and the general public.

You can find the park between the high school and the middle school.

It is home to about two dozen displays.

The idea for this park first started in 2005.

Thanks to grants, donations and the help of nearly 100 volunteers, it is now finished.

It has numerous rocks, each with its own information plaque.

There is also an accurate sundial in the middle of the park.

“I think it offers us an opportunity to really see Michigan’s history written in stone,” said park coordinator Dennis Dougherty.

“Basically, if you walk around this park, it’s like a 2,000-mile field trip. It’s all right in here and you can do it in under an hour.”

There is also a huge Yooperlite rock on display.

A man from Brimley discovered the unique rocks in January of 2018.