Central Michigan University Students Start Donut Business on Campus

Two Central Michigan University students igniting together to make some donuts.

Ignite Donuts is a student-run business selling tasty treats right on CMU’s campus.

The business started back in 2017 and the young men have big plans to expand.

“People ask me, is this just a student project you’re going to stop and the answer is no. We’d really like to see it grow to other schools,” said Chris Eakin, Co-owner of Ignite Donuts.

These two CMU students are entrepreneurs and taking a step outside the classroom and into the world of business.

“I can say I’m really accomplishing something here at CMU, not just taking classes, but really taking what I learn and really applying it,” said Eakin.

Eakin and Casey Croad are co-owners of Ignite Donuts.

A business Croad started back in 2017 and Eakin joined on this past Jan.

Their target right now is students.

“What we sell is a donut kit. It’s six donut holes and a cup of two-ounce glaze in the middle for dunking so it’s a convenient package for students so they can take and go wherever they please,” said Eakin.

Ignite Donuts offers three different dipping sauces for your donuts: vanilla, maple and chocolate.

“At the time we only had one bakery in town and that bakery wasn’t focusing on the CMU students, so we saw it as an opportunity to create an opportunity for the students,” said Croad.

Croad says he feels blessed to be able to bring the CMU and Mount Pleasant community together with donuts.

“I did my research, I read and I really learned how to make donuts from scratch,” said Croad.

But it didn’t come easy.

“I definitely couldn’t do some things that a normal college student wanted to do or does on a regular basis, but I also made sure to have some self-care time,” said Croad.

Students can buy these tasty donuts at The Market on the east side of the campus but their plan is to eventually reach to all the markets and beyond.

“After a year or so goes by where we’re hopefully doing well and growing at a pretty rapid pace, then we can start connecting to other institutes, universities and colleges where we can possibly expand via their models as well,” said Croad.