Northern Lights 5K Raises Awareness about HIV

Glow in the dark runners lit up Traverse City Friday night for the fourth Northern Lights 5k.

The run aims to bring a difficult topic to light.

The whole event aims to raise awareness about HIV, specifically preventing it and treating it.

Munson Medical Center’s Thomas Judd Care Center has hosts the event to start a conversation about what’s often a difficult topic.

The Thomas Judd Care Center services 150 patients living with or at risk of getting HIV.

Munson says with the opioid crisis, HIV is becoming more common.

“There is a risk of increased outbreaks of HIV due to the opioid crisis that the country is facing so the Thomas Judd Care Center offers HIV services,” said community health specialist Heidi Lovy. “We are prepared to help educate the community. We do free rapid testing and we care for clients that are living with HIV.”

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