Canine Parvovirus Temporarily Closes Wexford County Animal Shelter


The canine parvovirus has forced the Wexford County Animal Shelter to close for the second time in two years.

The Wexford County Sheriff’s Office says the shelter noticed symptoms of the virus after taking in a new dog on Thursday.

The dog was then taken to a veterinarian who confirmed the dog had contracted the disease.

Now, the animal shelter in Cadillac cannot take in any animals for at least two weeks until the virus is cleared.

During this time, shelter staff will monitor all animals for signs of the virus.

They will also clean and sanitize the building.

“This is all precautionary measures. It’s just one of those protocols if we have an animal that has been tested positive, we just go to a disinfectant process shutting them down so no animals come and go that could be possibly exposed to it,” said Administrative Lt. Richard Denison.

“Right at this point, there’s no other animals that have tested positive or had acquired the virus.”

The last time the Wexford County Animal Shelter had to close down because of canine parvo was in 2017.