AT&T Michigan Donates Pre-Packed Backpacks to Pine River School District

A local school district received a gift of 75 backpacks Friday and best of all, they were pre-packed.

AT&T Michigan along with State Representative Michelle Hoitenga presented the bags to the Pine River School district Friday morning.

Teachers will distribute the backpacks to help students be prepared in the new school year.

The knapsacks came packed with folders, paper, pencils and other supplies.

The school district is thankful for the gift.

“It’s just overwhelming I mean this kind of thought and generosity,” said school success worker Barbara Sicoli.

“I mean it’s what makes our district function and it just makes us know that our community appreciates us and supports us and our kids. Anything like this…it’s just invaluable.”

This year marks the 20th year AT&T Michigan has delivered backpacks throughout the state.