Clare Co. Sheriff on 2 Staff Resignations After Murder-Suicide: ‘The Public Expects Us to be There’

Two Clare County Sheriff’s Office employees resigned in the wake of a murder-suicide in August.

A sergeant and a deputy were the only available officers to respond to the initial call.

The sheriff’s office tells us Nicole Bartel was shot and killed by her husband, who later took his own life.

Initially, the situation was called in as a homicide.

Now the first two who responded to this call no longer work for the Clare County Sheriff’s Office.

“The public expects us to be there as soon as we possibly can at all measures and anything that’s that type of an emergency,” said Sheriff John Wilson with Clare County.

When an initial call came in of a homicide, one sergeant and one deputy were the only ones available to respond.

At that time, they did not know the call would end up being a murder-suicide.

But either way, Wilson says his deputies should have been there quicker.

“Once we started looking into that we did find some delay in response times that I don’t accept. I think it should’ve been a lot faster than what it was,” said Wilson.

Wilson says his deputies are expected to respond to calls immediately to get to situations as soon as possible.

The sheriff’s office is about 2.4 miles away from where this particular incident took place. We took a drive to see how long it would take us to get there from the sheriff’s office.

It took us about four minutes and 46 seconds.

It took the sergeant and deputy 12 to 14 minutes to get to the home.

“It didn’t matter of the delay towards the incident but it matters with how we’re supposed to respond to those incidents,” said Wilson.

While the outcome would have been the same even with a faster response, he says it’s still unacceptable.

“What we look at is, it’s called cause and effect. Did what the cause, by not responding, did it affect the outcome of the case and it did not. Had it affected the outcome, this would’ve been an ongoing investigation on the response,” said Wilson.