SwingShift and the Stars: Single MOMM Needs Your Support

Dance teams are rehearsing the waltz, foxtrot, rumba and hustle as they gear up for the first Swingshift and the Stars 2019 event.

Eight Northern Michigan nonprofits will be using the platform to help raise funds for their causes—and one of them is Single MOMM.

The organization’s Founder & Executive Director, Jennifer Finnegan Pool, says they help women reach a healthy independence.

“Women from all difference walks of life experience single motherhood,” she says. “(We) help them thrive vocationally, in their personal lives and to create stronger families and a stronger community.”

Being part of Swingshift and the Stars in Traverse City helps organizations like Single MOMM raise funds to support their causes.

You can donate directly to Single MOMM by visiting singlemomm.org

The first dance competition is on Sept. 20.

Tickets can be found at the Traverse City Opera House and through each individual organization, like Single MOMM. Or purchase them online at swingshiftandthestars.org.

Watch the videos above and below to learn more about Single MOMM’s dance and lip sync teams.

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