Kingsley Elementary 3rd Graders Honor 9/11 Through Thoughtful Discussion and Art

Many people can remember exactly where they were on September 11th, 2001… But not everyone. Many students in today’s classrooms are full of students born after this tragic day. Today schools across the country are having conversations about the events that took place 18 years ago. But these conversations become trickier for younger generations.

Mrs. Dunham’s 3rd Grade Classroom at Kingsley Elementary still took the time to honor our fallen heroes in their own special way.  “We are really focusing on bravery and they kind of constructed their own definitions,” explains Molly Dunham.

Although many details are left out in their classroom discussion, they are discussing courage and bravery with thoughtfulness and maturity. Simeon describes bravery as– “going out of your comfort zone and doing something to either help someone or help someone do things they need help with.”

These students also shared times they had to find the courage within. Pierce shares, “Once I had to go to the hospital to get my tonsils out. I was brave and I did it.”

In considering their own bravery, these students were able to get a closer understanding to the bravery first responders had on 9/11 and have every day. “They help the community be a better place and they help people be safe,” says Simeon.

At their young age, they’re already taking pride in calling the “land of the free” home.  MaryJane says,

“I like being American. There’s so much stuff in America that most countries don’t have otherwise.”

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