CMU Working to Address Enrollment Drop

Central Michigan University is working on new ways to address declining enrollment numbers.

The university has had declining enrollment since 2011.

They’re now looking at how to attract students from different parts of the state and beyond.

Central Michigan University has seen fewer students on campus since 2011. It’s now boosting recruiting efforts across the state, into the Midwest, and around the world in hopes of reversing the slide.

“The number of high school graduates in the state of Michigan has been decreasing for the past few years so we are also looking to increase our efforts out of state. We have added another recruiter in the greater Chicago southern Wisconsin area and we will also be putting a regional recruiter in the state of Ohio,” said Dr. Lee Furbeck, Executive Director of Admissions.

The university is also focusing on new ways to make sure those students stay in Mount Pleasant once they enroll.

“We’ve invested in a new advising model at CMU, as well where all of our new freshman will have two advising interactions throughout their first year to really help solidify are they on the right path, are they studying what they’re interested in, do they need more help finding that path, so I think that’s been an exciting change for the institution as well,” said Dr. Evan Montague, Executive Director of Student Services.

Enrollment drops are something universities across the country are working to address, and CMU hopes a fresh approach brings their enrollment back up.

“Nationally, if you look at college undergraduate enrollment, it’s about five percent less than it was ten years ago, so it’s not just CMU that’s seeing some of the declines in enrollment from previous years. So I think some decisions need to be made and I think we’re in the process of making those decisions right now,” said Dr. Furbeck.