Fife Lake Museum Receives Great Gift from Great Lakes Energy

Many of us have waited a bit longer than we would like for a renovation or remodeling project – but one local museum has been waiting patiently for 40 years!

The Fife Lake Historical Museum in Grand Traverse County has had the same carpets since 1979 – and that carpeting was used when they got it.  Now with the help of the Great Lakes Energy People’s Fund, they’ve put a $5,000 contribution towards new flooring throughout the museum.

They say community members and even the high school football team helped move all the displays to make room for the remodeling work. The Board President says the new look will be more welcoming to visitors, which will help share the history of the small town. She says it dates back to 1872 as a logging community with more than 1,000 residents.

Board President Joyce Freiwald says, “History is what we’re built on. If you don’t know the history it’s hard to know what’s happening now and what’s going to happen in the future. Because you really do see how much change happens. Fife Lake used to have over 1,000 people in it. They had three huge hotels, bars, saloons and everything. And all of that is gone. But to understand how things keep evolving and changing, people have to understand what happened in the past. And that’s what we’re trying to help do here.”

In all, the remodeling efforts are a $15,000 project. Other community donors and the Forest Area Credit Union have chipped in to help.  Freiwald says, “We have a beautiful museum here. And the community is very involved in the history of Fife Lake area. We think that’s very special for a small town like us.”