Cherryland Humane Society Needs Your Help to Win $100,000

We love helping four-legged friends get adopted here on ‘the four’.

And one of the many organizations that helps make it happen — the Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City.

Now you can help them win a $100,000 prize from the Petco Foundation!

Anyone who has adopted a pet from Cherryland Humane Society is invited to submit a story of how their adopted pet brightens their life as part of the “holiday wishes come true” contest put on by the Petco Foundation.

This gives them the opportunity to receive up to a $100,000 grand prize grant award.

Simply share photos, videos, and stories about how the adoption has changed your life.

The deadline is Monday, September 23.

For more details on how to help Cherryland Humane Society win this contest, click here.

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