Assistant Attorney General Resigns; Accused of Having Relationship with Sexual Assault Victim

The prosecutor in charge of sending Ian Elliott to prison for the rape of two Central Michigan University women has resigned and now the subject of a criminal investigation himself.

Tuesday Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Assistant Attorney General Brian Kolodziej resigned from his position.

She says he admitted to having a relationship with one of the accusers in the Elliott case.

Ian Elliott was sentenced to a year and a day after pleading no contest to the rape of two CMU students while he was the student government president.

Kolodziej was the prosecutor on the case since last September when he joined the attorney general’s office under Bill Schuette.

Last week police notified Attorney General Nessel about the investigation into Kolodziej and the next day he admitted to a relationship and resigned.

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon Attorney General Nessel said she’s not sure of the exact amount of cases Kolodziej was involved with or if there have been any allegations from any other victims.

She did say her office is focusing on looking back to find any actions that may risk the integrity of the cases he worked on, including Ian Elliott’s.

“I expect everyone that works here to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct while working on behalf of this office and the state,” Nessel said.

Brian  Kolodziej was hired by the state to defend sexual assault victims and prosecute their attackers.

He is now the subject of an investigation, accused of taking advantage of one of those victims.

“We are going to look into that case and any case that Mr. Kolodziej touched in any manner to ensure the integrity of the process and to ensure the integrity of the convictions that were obtained,” Nessel said.

This investigation revolves around Kolodziej’s highest profile case so far, the Ian Elliott rape case, his admitted relationship with an accuser could reopen the case and change the verdict.

“We have to find something Mr. Kolodziej did tainted the process and that may be true and that may not be true,” Nessel said.

Attorney General Dana Nessel says she will meet with Elliott’s attorney to decide the next steps in the case.

“What we are doing at the office now, we are changing some of our policies to address this,” she said.

Kolodziej worked as a prosecutor in Macomb County focusing on criminal sexual conduct cases before joining the state office.