New Universally Accessible Trail Open to Public in Antrim County

A new trail in Antrim County is ready to be explored—and its not just the able-bodied who can do the exploring.

The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy recently opened the Mary Behrens Sorrell trail in Ellsworth.

The new trail will allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy one of the most peaceful preserves on the chain of lakes.

“It allows people to connect to the land,” says Angie Lucas, senior land steward for GTRLC. “Which is a priority for us, benefit of protecting these natural areas.”

The now universally accessible boardwalk allows people with mobility devices to easy access the trail at St. Clair Lake-Six Mile Lake Nature Preserve.

Director of Development at GTRLC Anthony Rupard said a lot of time goes into designing these universally accessible trails, all so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views.

“It goes above and beyond, in terms of thinking about the grade at all times…the incline, the decline, as well as you’re getting even surfaces,” Rupard said.

The trail also offers a wide range of ecological wonders and beautiful views. Lucas said that the trail offers over 250 native plant species as well as a diverse spot for bird species.

“Obviously the natural, scenic values are just spectacular here, there’s a sense of peace and quiet that you get when you’re on this nature preserve,” said Lucas.

The nearly quarter of a mile trail is just one of the many projects that GTRLC is devoted to in order to continue its mission of protecting the environment.

“Protecting both sides of the river you get a really unique water way that is harder and harder to come by now a-days; where you feel like you’re out in the wilderness, and by being able to provide that experience by protecting this land is really an amazing thing,” Lucas said.

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