Morning Routine: Nakina & Ko.

I think all of us can admit to struggling to get ourselves looking our best every morning, but we have some great solutions for you!

Our friend of ‘the four’, Savannah from Nakina & Ko. was back in the Heritage House to share some of her best morning tips and tricks to have you feeling beautiful and ready for the day.

The first was her collagen and antioxidant packed beet smoothie created by a husband-wife chiropractic duo who are all about nutrition.

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The second is the t-shirt towel from Sunrise Bliss Towels that will have you drying your hair in half the time as well as keeping those locks strong and healthy by creating less damage than your typical towel.

Then she told us all about on old trend that is making a big comeback and it’s the scrunchie. Better for your hair and as cute as can be, it’s a must have for everyone. They can also help preserve your hair styles!

Lastly, she showed us one of her best kept secrets for perfect hair without a full wash. Put in that dry shampoo the night before to help it set in and let the powder alleviate, and then wand curl your hair, throw it in a bun, and let it down the next day for a perfect and effortless look.

Plus, she gave us two little guides:

How to use dry shampoo 

  • Post workout/ foam dry shampoo w/ hair dryer
  • Spray before bed for a quick morning style
  • Dry Shampoo powder, pomade, spray
  • Drug store finds aveeno & dove

Tackling Unruly Bedhead. 

  • Silk pillow case
  • Eliminate parabéns, sulfates, mineral oil and drying alcohols from shampoo & conditioner
  • Regular hair trims
  • Comb hair with conditioner before rinsing
  • Using.a T-shirt towel

To learn more about Nakina & Ko., click here.

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