US Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City Sends Crew Members to Help Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hurricane Dorian is moving away from the Carolinas after pounding them with heavy winds and sheets of rain.

There’s now concern about hundreds of people who chose to not evacuate and may be trapped.

Emergency crews are warning about flash flooding.

Storm surges could reach up to 7-feet by high tide in North Carolina’s outer banks.

More than 350,000 homes and businesses have lost power.

At least two dozen tornadoes have been reported.

One started as a water spout and became a tornado that tore through an RV park.

The storm is pushing further north.

Storm surge, hurricane and tropical storm warnings and watches have been issued as far north as Canada.

Hurricane flags are up on the Jersey Shore where, beaches are deserted.

The U.S. Coast Guard says they’re sending help from Air Station Traverse City.

A total of seven crew members and a helicopter are being sent.