One Soo Native is “Making Tracks for Life”

Those with disabilities can sometimes have limitations to how they can move around.

One organization in Chippewa County is helping those with disabilities.

“Making Tracks for Life” is a non-profit organization that loans out these unique track chairs for those who qualify.

Going one step further, they are raising money to give away a 13-thousand dollar decked-out chair.

Photojournalist Jim Lehocky recently met up with the organizer, along with Julian and his mom to talk about the giveaway.

Julian is a 10 year old boy who has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

He got to test drive a similar track chair.

His mom said, “He has not met a person he does not like.  He just captures people’s hearts.  He is just a great kid!  He is all boy!  He can be totally independent.  He made it up these hills that we have never been back there with him.  These kinds of these he can do without having someone help him are huge!”

You can donate by clicking here.

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