Michigan State University Extension Office Offering Parenting Classes

Being a parent is one of the toughest lifelong jobs out there.  Most parents receive little support or recognition for what they do.  Sometimes being a new parent can be a struggle or balancing a household of children.

That’s why Michigan State University Extension office in Cadillac is offering several upcoming parenting classes and sessions through September and October.  The idea is for parents to network and be able to connect with other parents and utilize educational resources. Topics range from “Developing Family Routines” to “Emotion Coaching” and “Handling Tantrums.”  Some of sessions are taking place in Cadillac and Traverse City. Registration is not required.

Tracy Trautner is an early childhood educator with the MSU Extension Cadillac office and heads up the sessions. You can contact her at: trautner@msu.edu or (231) 779-9480

For more information about the specific sessions including dates and times click here.

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