Join the Movement for Suicide Prevention Week in Cadillac

It is almost Suicide Awareness Week and that means events across the nation are going to be bringing suicide awareness to their communities and northern Michigan is no exception. We met with Lori Yazbeck who lost her son just over a year ago to suicide and has been working to prevent suicides in young adults ever since.

This year’s event is the Fall Arts/ Craft Show to Benefit Suicide Awareness and it is on Sunday, Sept. 14 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and they want to reach as many young adults as possible.

Plus, Lori has recently started the non-profit Tears From Daniel and is working to get free mental health care for people who are struggling with mental illnesses. They will have a center with professionals dedicated to helping people.

To learn more about Tears From Daniel, click here.

To learn about the walk, click here.

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