Hurricane Dorian Spawns Twisters in Carolina, Bahamas Death Toll Expected to Climb

As Hurricane Dorian continues its northeast advance along the Carolina Coast, coastal communities along the southeast continue to prepare for stormy conditions.

In Wilmington, N.C., power outages are becoming widespread.

The Dorian’s outer bands spawned a water spout which became a tornado and wiped out an RV park in the town of Emerald Isle.

The twister was one of at least 15.

“We have a long night ahead of us,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. “Everyone needs to stay in a safe place and off the roads until the storm passes.”

Thousands have evacuated the coastal cities but some are riding it out.

“We’ve got everything all charged,” said Wilmington resident Denise Harrison.

“We’ve got food we could cook both on the grill and the stove and we’re pretty much ready.”

Wilmington officials are the warning of a storm surge that could be as high as seven feet.

Coast guard members are standing by, ready to assist after Dorian blows through.”

Earlier, the hurricane ushered in storm surge and rain that flooded communities from St. Augustine, Fla. to Charleston, S.C.

Over 200,000 homes and businesses are without power but the damage pales in comparison to what Dorian did to parts of the Bahamas.

There, at least 20 people have died and the death toll is expected to dramatically increase.

185 mph winds tore through the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands, leveling entire communities.

Airplanes and boats are shuttling survivors to safety and supplies are headed back in.

But some locals say conditions are deteriorating quickly.

Volunteer firefighter Greg Johnson said, “It’s deplorable, people are getting violent…at this point in time, we are on our own and the U.S. is the only place that is helping us.”

By one early estimate, the damage tops $7 billion.

The U.S. Coast Guard continues to assist with air rescues in the Bahamas.

They have rescued a total of 114 people and 6 pets.