Coming Soon: Manistee Senior Center Upgrades to Almost Six Times its Size

The Manistee County Council on Aging is planning on transforming a former church building into a huge senior center. The former St. Mary’s of Mt. Carmel Shrine gifted their old building to MCCOA earlier this year.

The current senior center in Manistee is only 4500 square feet and outgrowing itself, the new Wagoner Center is a huge upgrade, at 26,000 square feet on 13 acres.

Now, MCCOA is working on a three phase plan to renovate this space. Sarah Howard, Executive Director of MCCOA, said, “Phase one, actually, which is here will have multi use rooms, we have a maker space for a lot of different crafting… We have a food pantry located in one room.”

This project is more than just creating a bigger, better space for seniors. It’s in memory of a well-loved, Northern Michigan couple.

Dr. George and Beverly Wagoner were passionate about the well-being of senior citizens in the community, Dr. Wagoner spear-headed the plan to expand the senior center. After he passed away, the organization is making sure his vision becomes reality.

Capital Campaign Committee Member Mark Sandstedt said, “He was really the visionary that went out into the community and really made it his mission to find a new place for the senior center to relocate.”

A project re-purposed for another century of serving.

Sandstedt said, When you start out people think out it’s a really tall hill to climb, and I think if you’re not willing to take those risks and really try to transform the community, you’re wasting your efforts.”

The entire project is expected to cost $3.5 million. The Tomorrow Begins Today Capital Campaign is accepting cash donations, in-kind services, asset transfers and multi-year pledges to complete this project. Visit for more information.

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