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Inside The Kitchen At Rustic Hog Barbeque in Lake City

The smell of smoked ribs, chicken and pork butts fill the air…

“I smell deliciousness,” said owner Sam Warner.

…Before the deliciousness fills your belly at Rustic Hog Barbeque in Lake City.

“Fresh, down-home barbecue, I spent a lot of time in the South down in Georgia, so I learned some of that style,” said Warner.

While he opens the doors at 11 a.m., he gets here closer to 11 p.m. the night before to prep.

“We rubbed everything out last night so it has time to sit and absorb some of the dry rub we use,” he said. “The bone will just definitely pull right out, if you reach over and grab the bone, that’s how you can tell it’s done.”

Making our way down the menu to the Hog Tater.

“We hit it with a little cheese,” he said. “And we just kind of load it up.”

And every mouthwatering main course has a savory sidekick.

At Rustic Hog Barbeque, coleslaw is a popular one.

“I kind of pick like it through an old granny,” he said. “This big piece, that hard piece.”

But here, flavor comes in all shapes in sizes.

“What you get is a nice, tender, juicy rib, there’s no sauce on it,” he said describing the ribs.

Rustic Hog Barbeque is located at 104 Main Street in Lake City.

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