Hurricane Dorian Impacts Parris Island Graduation for Marines from Northern Michigan

Hurricane Dorian has also forced Marine recruits to evacuate Parris Island, South Carolina.

That includes two from northern Michigan who were supposed to welcome their families for graduation this upcoming weekend.

Joanna Brown’s son, Henry, had always wanted to be a Marine. His company just completed what’s known as ‘The Crucible’ and was getting ready to welcome their families this week for a graduation ceremony when hurricane Dorian changed those plans.

“That was kind of the light at the end of the tunnel for us for the last 13 weeks, so it’s disappointing, but there are people in a lot worse situations and worse things are happening down there than us missing a graduation,” said Joanna.

Krysteena Burfield’s brother, Cole, was also on Parris Island.

“I’m kind of heartbroken for them that they put in all of this hard work and we aren’t able to be there and celebrate with them, and to walk around see all of the places, he was so excited to show us everything,” said Krysteena.

With Parris Island evacuated, both families have been battling a storm of their own, waiting on calls that Henry and Cole are coming home.

“Folks that live super close by, were able to come grab their Marines, but it’s been a waiting game for us,” said Joanna.

For Krysteena, that waiting game ended, as she was speaking with us Tuesday.

“There’s just been so much uncertainty around it that it was hard to not know when they’re leaving, That’s a really big relief that they’re going to be traveling home and they’ll be home tonight so that’s all I wanted to hear,” said Krysteena.