GOTCHA! Camera-Equipped Buses, Other Improvements at Ludington Area Schools

It’s an exciting day that many have been looking forward to for weeks.

Kids are getting ready to head back to school today, and at Ludington Area Schools they’re heading back to the classroom equipped with some pretty cool technology.

From 2,100 brand new iPads to some high-tech school buses, we’re getting a sneak peek at the progress to improve, build and restore the public schools in Ludington.

New High-Tech Buses

Students in Ludington are heading back to school in style this morning.

We’re not just talking about new clothes and school supplies, this year they get to ride in a brand new school bus!

There are nine of these shiny, brand new buses that have special technology to help keep kids safe.

Thanks to help from a millage and money from the state, Ludington schools acquired buses with a laser that goes off when the stop sign opens to get kids on or off of the bus.

If a car passes in front of the laser, cameras take pictures of the license plate. Those photos then get sent to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

Technology Grant

But that’s not all that’s new this year.

The Ludington School District recently bought 2,100 brand new iPads for each student.

The school board approved the roughly $780,000 purchase earlier this April.

Some of that funding came from a bond they received.

The district replaced all of their old devices this summer with new iPads, MacBooks and Chromebooks for their students and staff.

Ludington high school’s principal, Dan Mesyar, says these resources will benefit every single student in the district.

“Whether you’re going to a four-year college, or whether you’re going right into trade school, technology is really important, and we really feel we’re right on the cutting edge with that, and that’s the important thing for our students to be able to leave with,” he says.

This new technology will also help the school continue to develop their student career tech programs.

$100 Million Grant

Last May, voters in Ludington passed a $100 million bond to build and restore the public schools.

The project is now in the early stages.

By 2021, the brand new, multi-million dollar elementary school will have six pods—all representing a different grade level.

Each grade will have its own wing, with classrooms, sensory rooms and more, from preschool all the way up to fifth grade.

They plan to break ground this spring.

As for the rest of the project, like renovating the middle and high school and a new sports center, they hope to have that completed in four to five years.

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