Cadillac Votes to Allow Recreational and Medical Marijuana Facilities in Town

Cadillac is the latest Northern Michigan community to make a decision about the future of marijuana in town.

At their Tuesday night meeting, the city council voted to allow both recreational and medical marijuana licenses within city limits. 

Under two separate ordinances, nine recreational marijuana facilities and eight medical marijuana facilities would be allowed in city limits. 

These facilities account for licenses for different classes of growers, retailers, processors, secure transporters, safety compliance establishment, micro-businesses and provisioning center. 

The decision came with mixed reviews from Cadillac tax payers. 

“I believe there are a lot of medical uses,” said Will Butterworth. “It needs to be regulated as far as strength and purity, and the only way they’re going to get it done is that way.”

Others, like Richard Marvin of Cadillac, aren’t too excited about these developments.

I am really against it. To me, I would never do it. I have never smoked it,” said Marvin. “I just don’t like the smell of it.”

Cadillac would not designate any consumption establishments or allow for any kind of temporary marijuana event.

The city has also added that officials may come in and inspect a facility at any time to make sure it’s following the rules and is up to code.

Each marijuana license would not be able to be combined with other licenses. City manager Marcus Peccia says this would allow for the most competition and business in town. 

“If the licenses were to be stacked under one user, then that would reduce the amount of opportunity for someone to open up a business or establishment in the community,” said Peccia. ”

The city planning commission will have a public hearing about zoning these businesses and facilities. Once that’s done, they will send an ordinance back to the city council who will have to set another public hearing before it is approved. 

The city hopes to finish this process in the next few months.