30+ People Unaccounted for After California Boat Fire

More than 30 people were unaccounted for Monday morning after a boat fire off the coast of Southern California.

The Ventura County Fire Department says that five people had been rescued and 34 people were unaccounted for.

The U.S. Coast Guard said it launched several boats to help more than 30 people “in distress.”

Tweets from the Coast Guard in Los Angeles said there were reports the people were on a boat that was on fire near Santa Cruz Island.

One tweet said some crew members had been rescued, and rescuers were working to evacuate the remaining passengers. One crew member had minor injuries.

The Public Information Officers of the Ventura County Fire Department tweeted along with photos: “The Ventura County Fire Department responded to boat fire off the north side of Santa Cruz Island at approximately 3:28am. The U.S. Coast Guard is helping support rescue operations for people aboard a dive boat. #ChannelIslands.”