Producer Picks: The 50-Yard Challenge

Mowing your lawn in a pretty dirty job, but 10-year-old Aiden Carty doesn’t mind.

The Missouri boy is taking on the “50 Yard Challenge”. His mom took a picture of him holding the sign and sent it to raising men lawn care service.

That’s the organization behind the challenge that champions boys and girls across the country to offer free lawn service to 50 people — the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans and anyone in need of help.

His most recent task was removing tree debris and mowing overgrown grass at the home of a senior citizen.

The 10-year-old has two yards on his schedule next week.

He’s hoping his desire to help others inspires other kids to do the same.

Aidan Carty said, “To get kids that spend time indoors, playing on their Xbox or phones, to go outside and actually be interactive with nature, actually be outside.”

This fall and winter, the organization is offering similar challenges, for raking leaves and snow and shoveling driveways.

To learn more about the 50 Yard Challenge, click here.

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