Michigan House Officially Urges Rep. Inman To Resign

The Michigan House of Representatives says enough is enough and officially urge Representative Larry Inman to resign from office.

Rep. Inman has been missing from Lansing since a Grand Jury indicted him on three charges, attempted extortion and bribery and lying to the FBI back in May.

They stem from interactions with a labor union last summer.

Today, the House officially asked him to leave.

The resolution to urge Rep. Inman to resign has been on the agenda all summer long but while the House was not in session, it just sat and waited until this week when they officially put it up to vote

“The right step to take was to ask him to resign and that’s what we did,” says Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield.

“We are disappointed that the resolution came to the floor,” says Chris Cooke, Rep. Inman’s attorney, “It was my impression that the house is going to table that resolution.”

The resolution passed, 98-8. The 8 “no” votes all coming from Democrats.

“We got a super majority in our request to ask him to resign,” says Speaker Chatfield, “I’m still hopeful that Rep. Inman gets the treatment that he is seeking and does the right thing by resigning.”

Since his indictment, Rep. Inman’s office has closed, his spot on committees removed and even his key card revoked.

“I have not been in contact with Rep. Inman,” says Speaker Chatfield.

“Speaker Chatfield has not talked to me,” says Cooke, “I have written a letter to Speaker Chatfield asking for him to allow Rep. Inman to resume his duties but Speaker Chatfield has taken it upon himself to rush to judgment.”

Rep. Inman recently finished an in-patient treatment for opioid addiction and he has said he wanted to return when that was completed. That seems very unlikely after this most recent move.

“He wants to resume his seat and represent his district but he’s being prohibited from doing that by House leadership,” says Cooke.

The future timeline for a response from Rep. Inman is unknown.