LEAAP Offers Carnival Fun for Special Needs Children

The Chippewa County Fair in Kinross is giving you one last chance to enjoy the fun festive atmosphere, through Labor Day.

Earlier today, the fair offered free rides to children with special needs.

There was no loud music, as you typically hear while on the rides, to make it more sound-friendly.

Undersheriff Greg Postma said, “the LEAAP Program we are rolling out was in conjunction with the children with special needs day so that we could get to know the kids, and the can get to know us…be comfortable with the uniform we are wearing and spend some time with us…whether it be games, visiting with them, letting them know we are here to help and they don’t have to be scared of a uniform.”

LEEAP is the Law Enforcement Autism Awareness Program.

The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department also welcomed those with special needs to become familiar with the deputies and their equipment.

And fair attendee Aaron Cox said, “It’s so fun because it’s like all the rides are great and stuff.  And that tilt a whirl makes you all spin around and fast and fast.  They also have lots of great food here, too!”

If you want to learn more about LEEAP, click here.


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