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Hook & Hunting: Protecting Reefs During Spawning Season

It is almost fall which means spawning season for fish in the Great Lakes.

Now, the DNR is keeping a close eye on the reefs where fish lay their eggs.

Reefs in the Great Lakes are large piles of rocks, but they can become crowded with invasive species like mussels and crayfish and can be threatened by local waste.

Right now the DNR has several projects to protect and restore reefs.

Harbor Springs and Elk Rapids are two of those areas. They just finished restoring reef habitats there.

Now they’re working to get invasive species out.

“A lot of the fish that live in the Great Lakes lay eggs in the fall and they will gather at these reefs. They’re really important habitats for the entire life history of a lot of Great Lakes fish species,” said Charelvoix Fisheries Research Station manager.

Other research areas include Saginaw Bay, Good Harbor Reef in Leland and Buffalo Reef along the Keweenaw Peninsula.