Chippewa County Sheriff Now Recovering at Home After Bad Car Crash

“Mike is one of those people that doesn’t like to sit on the sidelines, so one of the biggest problems we have is trying to keep him on the sidelines.”

A local sheriff is on the road to recovery after a serious accident nearly three weeks ago.

Chippewa County Sheriff Mike Bitnar was off duty in his personal vehicle when he the crash happened August 10.

Bitnar was driving west on M-28 at Salt Point Road when an eastbound car turned left in front of him.

The crash sent Bitnar’s car rolling over four times.

He was transported to War Memorial Hospital where he spent several days in the intensive care unit with internal injuries.

Last Saturday, he was allow to recover at home.

“When I talked to him today, he was in good spirits.  Actually, he’s sounding stronger and stronger. Today was probably his best day he has sounded since it happened,” undersheriff Greg Postma said.

Bitnar told us that he remembers the whole accident rolling over four times and eventually opening the door and walking out.