SwingShift and the Stars: Bethany Christian Services Needs Your Support

Swingshift and the Stars is about to take over the Traverse City Opera House with more music and dancing this fall.

Eight Northern Michigan nonprofits will be using the platform to help raise funds for their causes—and one of them is Bethany Christian Services.

Michele Bruner says the global nonprofit supports families and is a passionate advocate for children in foster care.

“We believe everybody has the right to feel love, safe and supported,” she says. “Approximately 1,200 kids every day are in the foster system with Bethany Christian Services and one of the biggest tragedies is we don’t often have homes for those children.”

Being part of Swingshift and the Stars in Traverse City helps organizations like Bethany Christian Services raise funds to support their missions.

Bethany Christian Services’ goal is $50,000. You can help by visiting swingshiftandthestars.org here.

Watch the videos above and below to learn more about their dancers and lip sync team.

Sept. 20 is the first event for Swingshift and the Stars.

Tickets can be found at the Traverse City Opera House and through each individual organization, like Bethany Christian Services. Or purchase them online at swingshiftandthestars.org.

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