Shepherd Police Department Creates Car Stickers for People with Special Needs

Nicole Mead has worked long and hard to get her son Kody where he is today. He has autism, but you wouldn’t know that just by looking at him. Nicole worries how he would react in case of an emergency.

Nicole asked Kody, “Do you think you would be able to answer any questions that somebody would ask you, or maybe in an emergency would you get nervous and not be able to answer them?”

Kody said, “I would do it, it’s just so many answering questions that I would need to answer.”

The Shepherd Police Department in Isabella County wants to make sure they can help everyone whenever danger strikes. That’s why they created these stickers.

Shepherd Police Chief Luke Sawyer said, “Having this is just give us one more tool, one more resource to be able to care for them, to the best as we possibly can.”

The sticker comes with a card that details important medical information that is then stored in the glove box. On the back of the card, you can check if the person is verbal or nonverbal.

“Any information that we can gather to help serve our community better is a good thing,” Chief Sawyer said.

Nicole said, “I think with any situation, with any kids, we can rehearse things, we can go over what ifs all day long, but when you’re actually put in an emergency situation, you never know how you’re going to handle it.”

The stickers are available at the Shepherd Police Department and are free for anyone to grab.

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