Traverse City Wants Your Feedback on Ironman as Planning for Next Year Begins

Traverse City streets were filled with 2,400 participants for the half-Ironman Triathlon on Sunday, along with thousands of people cheering them on.

It was the first ever Ironman in Traverse City, and the city is already starting to plan for next year’s race.

“The venue was great. The town, the people, the spirit, the crowds, the roads were like butter,” said Bonnie Ohye, who participated in Sunday’s Ironman.

Bonnie Ohye has been competing in Ironman triathlons for nearly 15 years.

She had no complaints about the one in Traverse City on Sunday.

“Every Ironman and every triathlon has its own flavor. This one I felt like the community support was outstanding,” Ohye said.

She had some initial concerns, but says the weather held up during the race.

“The only thing that could be tricky is if West Bay doesn’t cooperate,” she says. “If it gets a little choppy.”

As a center point for the race, Hotel Indigo made sure to accommodate the influx of visitors.  General Manager Bridget Hawks says they opened the restaurant and rooftop hours early.

“We opened our rooftop bar at 7 a.m. so spectators could watch the swim. It was a lot of hustle in the morning, lots of coffee sold. But constant movement and it was just great to see them all excited for the race,” Hawks said.

Benjamin Marentette, the city manager, says it was an opportunity to show off for the people and businesses of Traverse City.

“This was really an opportunity to fill seats, sell food, sell merchandise and showcase this community to people from literally all over the globe,” he said.

Traverse City’s first half-Ironman was also the fastest to sell out yet. And the city clerk says they’ll be back next year.

“This is the first time that this region has ever been able to host a competition of elite athletes and so were really grateful for that,” Marentette said.

Now the city wants to know what your thoughts are on the Ironman that took place this past weekend. You can click here to give your feedback.