G.T. Watershed Center to Use Grant to Build Green Infrastructure in Elk Rapids

The watershed center of Grand Traverse Bay is helping Elk Rapids go green.

A $150-thousand grant will allow the watershed center to fund a green infrastructure project to increase the storage of stormwater.

That means less pollution flowing into the Grand Traverse Bay.

This will also strengthen a long term partnership between the watershed center and Elk Rapids.

An area near the marina is being eyed for the project.

“Green infrastructure is just a way of managing your stormwater on-site and we’ve been trying to get funding to do this for several years now,” said watershed center program director Sarah U’ren

“We’re so excited to announce we finally have some funding to start a big campaign; to do stormwater reduction projects all over the village of Elk Rapids.”

The watershed center hopes to have construction begin in the fall of 2020.