Plants to Purify Your Home & Pull Toxins Out of the Air

House plants can brighten up and beautify a room, but they’re actually always doing more than we realize.

All plants purify the air to some extent, but there are specific ones that are better than others when it comes to pulling toxins and releasing oxygen back into the air.

They do the job without us even realizing it.

Robin Smillie with Garden Goods in Traverse City breaks down the top five house plants known to have the best air-purifying qualities.

These include: philodendrons, spider plants, sansevierias, palms and ferns.

All of these plants pull everything from formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide and radon from carpets and other parts of our homes.

The plants the job at night while people are sleeping which is why it’s best of keep plants in bedrooms as well.

Smillie says some of these indoor plants even pull effluents out the air that come from paint chemicals and are both beautiful and functional.

For more information about the top five plants that can purify the air inside your home or a direct link to Garden Goods in Traverse City click here.

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