Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration Meets in Traverse City

Concerning issues in Michigan jails at the forefront of conversation Friday.

Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist and Michigan Chief Justice Bridget McCormack hosted a Jail and Pretrial Incarceration Task Force in Traverse City.

National experts, local law enforcement and advocacy groups all came together for the meeting.

Friday was the second of six meetings this task force will have throughout the state.

“The challenges that we see in the county jail system are not unique to one part of this state, they really hit us all,” said Gilchrist.

That’s why Gilchrist and McCormack are visiting different parts of the state with their jail task force.

“Really dive into jail alternatives and understand some of the current case law about what’s impacting the policies that we have in place today and really understanding their effectiveness,” said Gilchrist.

The task force looks to get a better understanding of who is in our jails and if they need to be there.

“We have an opportunity to really be a national leader in figuring out how to do this right,” said McCormack.

Keli MacIntosh is part of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Smart Justice Campaign.

She says she wants to learn more about what the problems are and what’s being done to fix them.

“I’ve been a nurse for several years. I’ve seen a lot of mentally ill patients end up in jail because we do not have adequate treatment services for the mentally ill because of budget cuts,” said MacIntosh.

MacIntosh would like to see the system operate a little differently.

Like a phrase from 7th century physician, Thomas Adams.

“Prevention is so much better than healing because it saves the labor of being sick. So my thought is prevention of crime,” said MacIntosh.

To see all the presentations and information from Friday’s meeting or any future task force meetings, you can click here.