Cold War-Era Jets Coming to Grand Traverse Area for Jet Blast

You may want to turn your eyes to the skies in the Grand Traverse area this weekend.

You may see and hear some unique jets flying overhead.

Half a dozen Cold War-era jets are in Traverse City for this weekend’s Jet Blast.

Many of the pilots fly in airshows, and they are getting together for some practice maneuvers and to take pictures from Grand Traverse Bay to Torch Lake.

Some of the military jets date back to the 1950s, and can now be privately-owned.

“There’s definitely a lot of history. These airplanes have a lot of stories behind them. And they’re a lot of fun to fly and we really enjoy keeping them preserved throughout the years,” said Mike Terfehr with 45 North Aviation.

The group will practice formations together and some pilots do aerobatic maneuvers.

The jets will be in the area through Sunday.