L.S.S.U. Announces New Research Center For Cannabis Chemistry Program

Lake Superior State University is bringing new technology and new opportunities to students interested in a future with cannabis.

Tuesday the school announced the “L.S.S.U Cannabis Center of Excellence Sponsored By Agilent.”

It is a new, state of the art facility for students enrolled in the cannabis chemistry program to conduct research.

Agilent Technologies develops chemical instruments and provided more than $2-million worth of equipment to the center.

The university says it gives students hands-on experience for a budding industry.

“A lot of this equipment is very specialized” said assistant professor Benjamin Southwell.

“It’s very focused on high-end analytical testing. Its things that you wouldn’t get to use at other undergraduate institutions.”

Third-year L.S.S.U. student Justin Blalock switched his major to cannabis chemistry.

He said the new facility will help give him and fellow students cutting knowledge.

“To be at the forefront of a very quickly-emerging field such as cannabis chemistry and to be able to part of a university and a program that is going to equip us with the skills that we need… is a very unique opportunity here.”

The program is in its first semester. So far, 39 students have enrolled.