Houghton Lake Schools Start Balanced Calendar

Houghton Lake Community Schools received a $750,000 grant this year to improve their facilities.

It’s also to launch a pilot program for K-6th grades to start a more balanced, year-round school schedule.

Students at Collins Lower and Upper Elementary School headed back to the classroom on August 12.

It’s all part of a new pilot program that educators hope will help their students during breaks.

Ms. Kaitlinn Duncan is a fifth grade teacher at Houghton Lake Community Schools. She loves her job so much that she went back to school early. Her and several other teachers.

“A lot of excitement, a lot of nervousness, traditionally on the first day of school there’s always some apprehension of what this year could bring,” Duncan says.

The new program might shorten summer break, but it will add more breaks within the school year to create a more balanced calendar.

Amy Peterson Principal of Collins Elementary School says, “We started thinking about students and our families, and we know that when they leave us in the spring and have a very long summer, without having a lot of exposure to books and reading, we call it the summer slump.”

The calendar gives kids a two week break in October and February. In addition to the holiday breaks that everyone is used to.

Duncan said, “So just knowing we’re starting in august, will allow us to kind of buildup that academic strength that we need for our students, and research shows that this balanced calendar does help close those gaps in the elementary levels.”

Because who wouldn’t want to be back in Ms. Duncan’s classroom?

“I love it, I love seeing their faces,” said Duncan. “So when I’m able to come back to the classroom a little earlier to see those faces it just makes my day a lot better.”

The district received this grant for three years. During that time, they will decide if they will continue the new calendar and bring it up to the middle and high school level.

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